About Us

Doug Dutschmann and his family moved to Hatada Ranch in 1987.

He has been managing it with the help of his two sons and ranch hand since.

When Hatada was first established it resided on roughly 1,200 acres.

But with hard work and dedication it has grown to approximately 2,000 acres.

Located in Valley Mills Texas, Hatada provides it's 20 plus different species of exotics with the most excellent terrain to keep them healthy and thriving.

We allow our large herds of each species to roam freely through the ranch,

plant spring and winter plots along with year round supplemental feeding as well as take part in doing a quarterly worming of all the exotics.

Everyday for over thirty years Hatada has been striving to constantly improve to keep it's animals and overall ranch in top condition.

Hatada prides itself for being a family oriented ranch that specializes in giving you exotics with superior genetics.